Tax Return Loans

Need some quick Christmas cash? We work closely with our next-door neighbor, Navajo Trading Company. This means that when we finish your income tax return, you can borrow cash against your income tax refund the SAME DAY! What an easy way to finance your filing fees, or to get caught up on bills immediately.

Looking for a loan even further in advance? Starting in Mid-November, Accutax will figure an estimate of your tax refund based on your check stubs; then Navajo Trading will make holiday loans available to you based on the estimated refund expected.


Audit Assistance

Some tax preparers leave you to face the IRS on your own, but not Accutax! We provide audit support and help you understand what information you need to provide for review. We can help you every step of the way to clear up any questions that the IRS, or the state is asking.

In an age of identity theft and tax fraud, Accutax is proud to be a secure paperless environment, which means that your information is safe and protected. We provide top notch security all the way from paper shredders to computer security, designed with your confidential information in mind.